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F.I.R.E Fitness Camp of Waupaca, WI, signed up for our Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour back in August of 2020. With the 8-12 panoramic images included in the Foundational program they purchased, they were able to provide their customers with a virtual walkthrough of their business, so that they could get a lay of the land before ever stepping foot through the door. A Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour is the perfect fit for your Gym or Fitness Center as it allows reluctant newcomers to see what equipment you have, familiarize themselves with the layout, and make a plan before they arrive so that they are ready to go!

Hear from Jesse Dickert, owner of F. I.R.E Fitness Camp, about their experience with the Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour:

“Google Street View is great due to giving clients/visitors the chance to come “inside” your business without leaving their couch. In a digitized world, this is gold! Beyond this, Google Street View allows leads to check out our fitness center prior to their initial visit, which helps them feel comfortable getting through the door. We highly recommend Google Street View.”