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Recon Rifleworks in Orange Park, FL is truly seeing the bigger picture of how crucial the Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour can be for a small business. After seeing other small businesses’ virtual tours online and the chic professional look it brought to those businesses’ online profiles, Preston, owner of Recon Rifleworks, knew that they needed to choose a Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour for their business. Potential customers now have the opportunity to take a virtual step inside of the Recon Rifleworks location to get a glimpse of their inventory and layout. Not only did the Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour panoramic images completely encapsulate the wide variety of firearms Recon Rifleworks carries, but it was also able to capture a sign posted at the front of the business that features their training classes that they offer! Customers can also familiarize themselves with the outside of the businesses so that when they show up ready to buy they know they are in the right place.

Preston, owner of Recon Rifleworks speaks more on exactly what drew him to the Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour, and his first impression on the program.

“What we really sold the Google ‘See Inside’ Virtual Tour for me was being able to see other local businesses tour’s and seeing how it gave such a professional appearance to the company before a customer even visiting the business, was very impressive to me. My virtual tour was uploaded approximately 3 weeks ago, and upon my initial time viewing my completed virtual tour, I felt proud and excited knowing the effects of the tour would be astronomical for my business when clients were looking to purchase products online. I absolutely LOVED the quality of the 360 degree images, and how they were combined, show casing what makes my business stand out from other like-type businesses. I loved it so much I even referred my sales rep, Michaela to a few small businesses and their owners that I know will love this for their shops as well.”