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Orange Park Trucks of Orange Park, FL purchased their Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour a little over five years ago and is still seeing success. They chose the Essential Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour program, and used their 4-7 panoramic images to provide a detailed walk through their display lot. This allows them to showcase the different types of vehicles they offer, and when potential customers are searching online, those searchers are able to view the car lot and gain a better sense of what to expect when they arrive. Five years after purchasing their Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour, owner Joseph Wood, still recommends the program for other small businesses. Read below what he had to say about the program in his own words.

“I purchased Google Street View’s See Inside Virtual Tour almost five years ago, in 2017 and never was disappointed. I noticed a great increase of customer’s shortly after my virtual tour was uploaded. The quality was very professional and I was extremely happy with the results. I have had so many customers come in and tell me that picked my business over close competitors because of the addition of the virtual tour. I would recommend any small business owner having their own shoot done to their store”