Views: 50,893 since November 2020

Since November of 2020, Himalayan Grocery Store in Des Moines, IA, has been seeing lots of success with their Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour. The Google Street View Trusted Tour allows Himalayan Grocery to proudly display the multiple products that they offer. From pantry items and snacks to kitchen utensils and appliances, their customers can peruse the different sections of their store from anywhere, even the comfort and convenience of their own home. Himalayan Grocery Store’s Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour allows their customers to familiarize themselves with the inside of the location before they visit, so that they know exactly where everything is located. When a customer shops in a place that they are familiar with, it makes the shopping experience much more efficient and enjoyable. With 50,000 views and rising, the Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour is keeping Himalayan Grocery store visible and credible online, keeping their customers coming back for more each time they are searching online and ready to buy!